Off-Campus Proctor Application

Before completing this form please read the "Information for Proctors".

Please also read the "Proctor Validation" document.

Please complete and submit this form using the same computer or a computer on the same subnet that the student will use to take exams or written exams will be uploaded from. Residential computers are not to be used.

Fields with an asterisk(*) are required.

Course Information

Select multiple classes by ctrl + clicking multiple options.

Student(s) Information

A student's net-ID is the portion of their email address before the '@' symbol (e.g. jdoe)
NOTE: You may put multiple net-IDs per application seperated by a comma.

Proctor Information

Please be as specific as possible.
Examples: Newport High School Guidance Office, Des Moines Public Library, Sac County Extension Office

Contact Information

If you wish to have information go to more than one email address, please enter each address separated by a semicolon. Gmail, yahoo, or non-official email accounts are not permissible.

List of times you could be contacted should the need arise. (e.g. Tues and Thur 9am-10:30am) One set per line please.

By clicking the button above I agree to proctor the student(s) named above. This means I will monitor this/these student(s) during test taking, making sure no notes or textbooks are used.